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Spring is in the Air

It is officially spring!! Now whether or not mother nature as taken the time to realize this is debatable. Just today she decided to dump ice and snow in different parts of the United States. She also left us with very cool temperatures and a lot of rain. It seems as though we never know what the next day will bring. Even in some cases the next hour.

With all this different weather your landscaping has probably taken some huge hits. Whether the ice and snow cracked branches or killed the trees it is definitely something you want to take care of quickly. A falling tree branch can ruin many different things. Think about it, what if a tree fell on the roof creating a huge hole, smashed a car, or even fell on someone in the yard (heaven forbid it be a playing child).

One of the best things you can do for your landscaping is call out a tree service

tree service
. I found that McKinney tree service has great service, extremely competitive prices, and incredible service. They have always gotten my appointment and job done quickly.

By trimming up your trees they are more likely to live longer and have less risk of breaking and creating damage elsewhere. It is also important to take care of your initial landscaping early in the spring so it has time to establish itself and gear up for summer.

Don’t let mother nature fool you, it is officially spring and you will want to be ready!

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Construction Conquests

It is no surprise that there are road construction projects all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area. And these projects are not small quick tasks. It seems they are all major year long projects or longer that are located some of the most high traffic areas in the DFW. It is impossible to go anywhere without being held up in a traffic jam simply due to construction or some bone head that got in a wreck due to construction. Just today I was stuck in three different areas that increased my commute by at least 20 to 30 minutes.

In each of these areas that I spent so much of my time simply sitting there was no one working the sites or there were hardly any crews working on them at all. Why is it that we cannot focus on one project at a time. I feel as though if we took all of the construction workers and put them in 2 to 3 major areas that are needing work the projects would be done faster and there would be less traffic issues. and maybe the work that is actually being done would be done well instead of just half-assed. I swear after a road construction project is finally finished it does not take long for that same area to have some sort of problem requiring crews to come back out and fix them.

I understand construction is necessary however, when you have to plan your day around high traffic times due to construction it is a true problem. There are even certain days I refuse to go to certain places because I do not want to waste most of my day sitting around waiting for the chance to drive down the road simply to get where I am going.

Hopefully, in the end, all these construction areas will be finished and traveling will be less of a rip your hair out experience.


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Snow Scare

It happens at least once a year. The big snow scare. In Texas, whenever the residents hear snow or ice a freak out will occur. Students and teachers begin to predict school closures, people flood to the grocery stores and buy out the entire store, and the road ways become potential death roads. The lack of experience with ice or snow creates chaos among the majority of people. Northerners have accumulated up to 17 feet of snow around their road ways and have successfully continued with their lives.

The Texas mood swing has begun. It ended last week with beautiful weather in the 50’s and 60’s only to take a 20 to 30 degree drop followed by rain that will more than likely turn to sleet, ice, and more than likely snow. Road conditions all over have deteriorated and travel has become slow and dangerous.

Texans try their best to continue with life as normally as possible and some are more capable than others. You can find the countless memes on the internet joking about the lack of experience with snow the south has. Whether Texas gets hit as hard as people are predicting or if it is much less than expected you can bet that Texans will push through whatever is thrown their way in the only way they know how.

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A Random Rain
A Random Rain

As my first blog I wanted to do something really interesting and cool, however; all I can think about now is my poor carpet so I have to write about it. This year has been pretty dry. Which left us with low lake levels an high water bills. However a recent random rain brought in a problem that I had never dealt with before.

Lets start from the beginning. On a rainy day, my dog insisted he had to go outside even though he had been out two times already. Normally my dog has no issues going out and coming back in quickly and relatively clean on rainy days so out he went. I had things to do so I wasn’t paying much attention when he asked to come back in the house. I opened the door and by the time I noticed something strange on our back porch he had already shot in the house and all around the bedroom and the living room. For some crazy reason my normally clean dog had decided to dig a mud hole in the backyard and then layer my carpet and rug with his new found love of mud.

I have always been told to let the mud dry and then vacuum it up so it won’t get rubbed in. And that is exactly what I did. Only to find out that there was something strange about this “mud” that the dog brought it. It left huge stains on the carpet after it was vacuumed up. I pulled out every stop when it came to stain removal, carpet cleaners, home remedies, and even a spot shot machine. Nothing worked. I just knew I was going to have to live with these awful stains. So as a last resort I decided to fork out the money and have professionals come in.

This was the best decision ever! I should have skipped all the other mess I tried. I found the best pricing with McKinney Carpet Care. or checkout their other partner C3 Carpet Cleaning. Not only did they have great pricing but they were able to schedule me in quickly without any fuss. All of the stains have now been removed and my rug and carpet look better than when we first bought them!

Even though this was not what I wanted to talk about for my first post it feels great to have gotten it out there. Stay tuned for the next blog, you never know what is going to happen!

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Hello world!

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