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About Us

Welcome to our blog.  We like to chat about the local scene all what making the headline in the DFw and even over i the West Texas areas.  We get sick and tired of all the crap that you here on the news everyday and strive to do a little better than the normal.  The status quo of the media today is quite embarrassing and people should have a place to go to get reliable information,

News should be just that… Information.

It should not reflect the personal agendas of the station or media outlet.  People should be able to make up there own minds about the subject matter rather than regurgitate some worth manipulated crap that we read or hear on the 5 o’clock news.


Our goal is to keep you updated with the stories and new around the North Texas Aea and then let you make up your mind as to what to think,


I hope that this site slaps the status quo right in the face and you get some great reading time in … Hope you enjoy